Abraham Lincoln Camp 100

New Jersey Department, Sons Of Union Veterans Of The Civil War

"The State Camp of New Jersey"


Lincoln Camp 100 has more than 50 members from central New Jersey and all over the rest of the state, plus nearby New York and Pennsylvania. It was founded April 25, 1953.

Quarterly meetings consist of a meal, brief business meeting, and historical program.
Membership dues are $35 per year plus $10 application fee.
Lincoln Camp 100 is a member of the SUVCW and the SUVCW Department of New Jersey.
Lincoln Camp 100 is also is a supporter of the New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association.

Contact Information


For information on meetings and membership, contact one of the Camp's officers including:
    Dr. David Martin (Secretary-Treasurer) (dmartin@peddie.org)
    P.O. Box 1102
    Hightstown, NJ 08520
    (609) 448-6355



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